Granger Construction was awarded the $22 million Swan Annex Addition and Renovation project at Ferris State University in 2014. It wasn’t until fall of 2016, however, that Granger could officially break ground. Now that the project is underway, significant progress is being realized on this important development for FSU.

The project, targeted for LEED Silver certification, calls for a 42,800 square-foot addition and a multi-phase renovation of 47,000 square-feet within the existing annex building, which currently houses the Mechanical Engineering Technology, Welding Engineering Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology programs. The project includes floor plan reconfigurations, addition of space, upgrades to the building envelope and interior finishes as well as replacement of furniture, fixtures and equipment. In addition, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems will be upgraded with energy efficient systems that will meet the programmatic requirements and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Continuing growth of the Welding, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering programs makes this project a high priority for the University. By doubling the size of the lab spaces, along with consolidating locations, FSU can put itself on a predictable path for future growth to meet the high demand in these programs.

The complexity of this project is directly tied to the required phasing so that construction does not impact the day-to-day classes and academic calendar. The mechanical systems are extremely complex, particularly the HVAC portion tied to the welding exhaust and air scrubbing required.

To better serve the students, the project calls for a new pedestrian bridge to be constructed on the north side of the Swan Building at the second floor, which will serve the existing five-story Swan Building and the Swan Annex. The bridge will provide a new front door and a distinct identity for the academic programs located inside. It will also double as a viewing platform for FSU’s resident Osprey whose nest is located nearby. Granger relocated this nest back in December 2014, while the Osprey was migrating south, from the Swan parking lot on the other side of the building to make way for the new addition.

Since breaking ground, foundations and underground utilities have been completed for the new addition, while masonry and structural steel are underway. Renovations inside the Annex will begin May, after students begin summer break. Completion is scheduled for August 2018.

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