Think your jobsite is warm? Trying to pour concrete in a place where the temperature rarely dips below 90 degrees is a challenge. In Arizona, where recent record temps have reached highs of 118 degrees, construction workers are choosing to work by the light of the moon rather than under the heat of the sun.

In the Midwest we can be thankful for our (occasionally) hot and sticky summers. At least we are able to practice the art of concrete during daylight hours.

5 thoughts on “When Concrete Becomes Artwork”

  1. It would be amazing to be able to see the MSU’s Broad Art Museum to see the angled concrete walls. The building looks so modern. I think it’s cool how much can be done with concrete these days.

  2. This is a museum that I would love to see in person. The angled walls in the picture make me think that it shouldn’t be possible. It makes me happy that concrete is such a sturdy material.

  3. I didn’t know people could make concrete look so cool! This really opened my eyes to the potential of concrete and all the possibilities with it. You could make a whole commercial building just out of concrete if you wanted to!

  4. Wow, this building looks absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine how long it took for their company to build it. It’s always interesting to see what type of things people are able to build. I’ll have to see if dad ever did this type of work when he was in construction.

  5. I would agree that most any important construction project begins with the quality concrete work. This is often used in the foundation of the building and all structurally important pieces after that. You wan to be sure and work with the best you can get.

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