Tori Menold, business process manager, Granger Construction

“In the past, we would all fill it out at the end of the day and hopefully remember everything and hopefully save it in the right place,” said Tori Menold, business process manager for Granger Construction. “This definitely speeds up the process of the cycle because you can create and update on the fly, which has affirmed our initial ROI analysis.”

Read more about how Granger Construction is implementing technology to help effectively manage punch lists and streamline the closeout process.

2 thoughts on “Using thermal imaging to save energy and prevent headaches”

  1. That’s interesting that thermal imaging uses infrared detectors to create pictures made of heat exposure. I bet that can help you see things that light can have remain hidden. Different energies can reveal different things.

  2. I thought it was really cool to learn that thermal cameras can easily identify things such as moisture in a structure. Like the article states, this allows for times fixes and can reduce unplanned expenses. I personally think having a thermal camera would be invaluable if I were a contractor making repairs to a home.

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