Glenn Granger, president and CEO of Granger Construction

A few days ago, my cousin Keith Granger commented on the importance of respecting the past while keeping an eye toward the future. This is something that all strong family businesses do well. On this beautiful autumn day, I am reminded of both our heritage and the progress that is being made.

Yesterday, our longest serving team member celebrated his 84th birthday. Along with his dad and two brothers, Alton Granger founded the company in 1959. He now serves as our chairman, Chief Morale Officer, and a steady voice of reason. He’s also a great dad.

As for the progress we’re making, I have two vivid examples. Earlier yesterday morning, I was privileged to attend the groundbreaking for our latest enterprise data center project in the Detroit area. This is a capstone project that will bring transformational impact for many years. I then took a brief detour on my return trip to Lansing. Stopping by the Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Plant, I met with two of our longtime team members. They showed me the 110-ton crane that we recently purchased. This was my first chance to see it in action.granger-crane

After discussing the crane and the project activities, we had a few moments to talk about family and other topics. While I was walking back to my car, I was asked if I’d ever stopped to consider how many lives have been impacted positively by the work of the company. It was a humbling question to think about. “It is just that the company does so much for so many,” he said. I had a sense for his gratitude. Further, he mentioned that this financial investment in the crane symbolized the confidence we have in our field team. I hadn’t really thought of that aspect, but I’m glad he did.

These are great reminders to count our blessings every day. Running a business is never easy, but days like today energize me to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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