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Professionals in the construction industry utilize a variety of ways to stay up-do-date and abreast of the latest news and happenings. Today, in an industry and world that is busier and changing faster than ever, podcasts have become a favorite among many professionals for their portability, ease of use and ability to deliver in-depth insight and analysis. With so many professionals working remotely or spending significant time on the road, podcasts can be a great way to absorb knowledge and make the most of time spent away from the office. Here are three construction industry podcasts worth checking out:

construction-industry-podcastConstruction Industry Podcast

Produced and hosted by Cesar Abeid, PMP, this award winning podcast has 52 episodes and frequently features guests from all areas of the construction industry. Content ranges from information and new ideas for those working in the field, to ideas for communications and social media professionals. This well-rounded and entertaining podcast will be interesting and beneficial for anyone in the construction industry to enjoy, learn from and share with colleagues.


This “Construction Technology Trio” includes JBKnowledge CEO James Benham, Construction Application Guru Rob McKinney, and BIM Coordinator Josh Bone. Episodes focus on new apps, hardware and software that are relevant to construction professionals. Often they are joined by top industry professionals, who share their tips and experiences with technology in the construction industry. ConTechTrio episodes are around an hour long, and new episodes are posted weekly.

leading-edge-podcastThe Construction Leading Edge

The Construction Leading Edge podcast focuses on leadership and business skills that pertain to construction industry professionals. The host, Todd Dawalt, has almost two decades of construction experience, and shares his lessons learned as well as tips and inspiration. Episodes often host business professionals and entrepreneurs, collaborating and sharing their successes and pitfalls. The Construction Leading Edge episodes are typically shorter than other podcasts, with most running about 30-45 minutes in length.

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