Today (September 14, 2018), Granger proudly joined fellow community members participating in the Capital Area United Way Days of Caring.

This year, the local United Way Days of Caring activities are focused on addressing issues of food security. Therefore, volunteer activities aim to support the Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Garden Project (an initiative to provide access to land, education, seeds, plants, tools, and more, “so that all [Lansing] community members can have access to fresh, healthy food through gardening opportunities”).

Days of Caring efforts will last through 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 15, 2018, and will involve clean-up efforts across various local community gardens and parks, including the following:

  • Allen Neighborhood Hunter Park Garden
  • Demonstration/Foster/Paradise Garden
  • Hill Community Garden
  • Lilac Community Garden
  • Northwind Garden
  • Pine & St. Joe Community Garden
  • Cherry Hill Park
  • Village Summit Neighborhood

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