Recruitment Fraud Warning and Prevention

Unauthorized individuals claiming to be Granger Construction Company employees are extending false employment offers to steal money and personal information from job seekers. These scams use legitimate job boards and social media platforms and may use an unauthorized Granger Construction Company logo, employee name or title. The perpetrators will require an initial investment, such as a payment for work visa, or will send a check that allows them to gain access to the job seeker’s account after the check is deposited.

Granger Construction Company will never request money or credit card information for an applicant to secure a job as an employee or a contractor. Granger also does not ask you to release personal information such as your address, social security number, tax documents or banking information early in the application process. Beware of schemes that require job seekers to create an online account. These counterfeit sites can be used to collect your personal information.

Granger Construction Company representatives communicate job offers using email addresses that end with an Job offers from free webmail accounts such as:,, or are not legitimate. Candidates can reach our representatives at a Granger Construction Company office via (517) 393-1670.