Granger was selected to perform renovations to several Apple Stores in malls and
shopping centers throughout the Eastern and Midwest U.S. to bring them up to the
latest designs. All work took place while stores remained open for business. The
scope of work varied at each location but included the following:

  • Light demolition of existing walls and casework as well as lighting and
    receptacles (as required)
  • Modifications of existing receptacles, lighting and data systems
  • Reconfigurations of walls (as required), installation of new walls and
    resurfacing/painting of existing walls
  • Reconfiguration of existing lighting and installation of new lighting
  • Installation of new casework and Tech Work Stations
  • Installation and modifications of new doors and hardware as well as changes
    to existing doors and hardware

Work occurred at the following locations:



Construction Management

September 2011

December 2012

MBH Architects