General Motors, a global leader in the automotive industry, selected Granger Construction to build its new state-of-the-art data center based on our exceptional performance and delivery of their Warren data center project.

Phases 1 & 2 involved constructing a new 120,000 SF hardened facility to house IT laboratories to run computer simulations for vehicle designs and to serve as a “hub” for monitoring GM’s global digital applications.

Key features of the new facility include:

  • Card access system, video surveillance system, motion detectors and reinforced entry doors to control unauthorized access.
  • 20,500 SF of raised flooring system, 1600 tons of cooling and 60,000 gallons of additional chilled water storage
  • Over 30 miles of underground conduit and wire and over 5 miles of piping
  • (2) 2MW backup generators
  • (2) 3MW Diesel Rotary UPS’s
  • Use of hot aisle/cold aisle technology

Value Engineering resulted in nearly $1.6 million in project savings, allowing GM to consider additional scope which led to a higher quality facility.

A carefully devised plan that was seamlessly implemented within a collaborative team environment, the use of a full BIM 360 design model and the dedication of nearly 1,000 individuals all contributed to the successful completion of this project.

Phases 3 & 4 involve building out Quads 3 & 4 (40,000 SF) along with installing additional electrical and mechanical equipment needed to support these spaces. The build-out consisted of installing drywall/ceiling, raised floor, underfloor MEP, installation of servers and in-row coolers. Electrical and mechanical equipment install include DRUPS (diesel generators), mechanical generators, RUPS units, substations, AHU’s, CHW/CW pumps, thermal storage tanks and building out cooling tower cells.

Milford, MI

$102 million (total)
Phases 1-2 / $71.5 million
Phases 3-4 / $30.5 million



Phases 1-2 / April 2013
Phases 3-4 / Jan. 2015

Phases 1-2 / Jan. 2015
Phases 3-4 / July 2016

ARCHITECT: Giffels/IBI Group