In October of 2012, Granger Construction completed major renovations at the Greenville Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Granger served as the General Contractor on this project. This involved replacing the plant’s aging influent screening facility with corrosion resistant material, renovating the existing headworks/pumping station and constructing a new primary settling tank, oxidation tower and a septage receiving facility to increase the plant’s wastewater capacity.

The Greenville Wastewater Treatment Plant (Greenville, MI) is responsible for removing debris, solid material and pollutants from the water entering the facility, and then filtering and disinfecting it before it is returned to the Tar River.

The plant has been in operation since 1985, built with a capacity of 10.5 million gallons a day (mgd) and upgraded in 1995 to 17.5 mgd.

Additional work on this project included:

  • Installation of a 76kw Solar Panel System to help produce electricity for the city
  • Upgrades to the existing secondary treatment piping, site piping and electrical system
  • Flow divider and sludge handling improvements
  • Integrated new work into existing SCADA system; upgrade to SCADA interface and software


Montcalm County, Greenville, Michigan

$2.3 million

General Contracting

February 2012

October 2012

Williams and Works