The City of Grand Rapids and Kent County selected Granger Construction to oversee major HVAC, hydronic equipment and other upgrades at the Grand Rapids City Hall and Kent County Administration Building.

This campus is located on a raised concrete plaza in downtown Grand Rapids, with the City Hall occupying a 10-story structure and the County Administration Building occupying a 3-story structure.

The majority of work on this project occurred within three large mechanical rooms, situated on the 10th floor penthouse, directly above the Mayor’s office and the City Attorney’s office, and on the Monroe Level.

The major equipment removal and replacement took place through the roof, using a crane situated on a busy downtown street between City Hall and the Devos Place.

Scope of Work:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Cooling Tower Pumps
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Piping
  • Duct Work
  • HVAC Controls
  • Replacement of finned tube units on Monroe Level, Plaza Level of City Hall and 1st floor County Building
  • Replacement of exterior plaza level soffit and lighting

Media Coverage:

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West Michigan, Grand Rapids

$8.7 million

Construction Management

October 2018

Substantial completion – December 2019
Final Cooling Functional Testing – Spring 2020

GMB Architects & Engineers