In July of 2013, Granger Construction completed work on the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s Reo Town Office Fit-Out for their Cogeneration Plant. This office area contains 6 executive offices, enough open office space to accommodate 160 employees, 22 conference  rooms, 2 modern training classrooms equipped with 90” video monitors for live training feeds and a wellness center equipped with modern exercise equipment.

This project required extensive collaboration between Granger and the other subcontractors, two different engineering firms, two different architects, the construction manager and the owner to address design deficiencies, as well as complete the BIM Coordination Process. Granger delivered the BIM coordination drawings three weeks ahead of schedule.

This smart building system allows employees to schedule and track the use of the 22 conference rooms. As a means of controlling solar heat gain through the building envelope, motorized shades were installed on all exterior windows. Strategically-placed photocells measure the amount of sunlight and trigger the automatic raising or lowering of the shades through the building management system to minimize energy consumption.

The project is targeted to achieve LEED Silver certification, but is currently on track to surpass the client’s expectations and attain LEED Gold. High-end interior finishes include tile shipped from Italy and a mile in lineal footage of quartz sills and wall panels.

Lansing, Michigan

$4.1 million


General Contracting

December 2012

July 2013

Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber