Granger completed its first project for Spectrum Health in 2013 involving a small cath lab renovation at the Butterworth Hospital Meijer Heart Center. Since then, our team has been selected for 10 additional projects; two of the most significant of those include:

Michigan 426 Integrated Care Campus, Grand Rapids, MI
This is our largest project completed to date for Spectrum Health. It involves a $6 million renovation of a 30-year-old building to provide a new Integrated Care Campus along the Medical Mile in downtown Grand Rapids. The three-story facility offers one-stop medical care with diagnostic and treatment services and equipment in one location. In addition to gutting and building out the existing building, Granger also constructed a new drop-off canopy and vestibule at the main entrance. This project was completed on time (May 2017) and within budget.

Health Pointe Integrated Care Facility, Grand Haven, MI
Granger is also nearing completion of a new $30 million Integrated Care Facility in Grand Haven, a partnershipship between Spectrum Health and Holland Hospital. This project involves a three-story, 105,000 s.f. state-of-the-art facility that will feature primary care, urgent care, specialty physician care, laboratory and radiology services (including CT and MRI) as well as outpatient surgery. This new facility will open to the public in March 2018.

Granger has employed clear and constant communication to ensure smooth running and transparent projects. In many cases, projects were completed within occupied buildings or operational hospitals, requiring exensive coordination with building users to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors and to maintain day-to-day operations. This high level of communication and the ability to deliver on our promises has been a key factor in developing a trusting relationship with this high value client.


$43+ million

Construction Management


  • Butterworth Hospital Hybrid OR & Support Spaces – $2 million
  • System Finance Relocation (Brass Works Building) – $1.4 millon
  • Parking Ramp #7 Improvements – $1.3 million
  • Zeeland Community Hospital Fixed MRI Suite – $1 million
  • Butterworth Hospital X-Ray 2&4 – $526,000
  • Meijer Heart Center Cath Labs 1 & 4 Equipment Replacement – $307,000
  • Meijer Heart Center Cath Labs Renovation – $276,000
  • Nexus Training Center – $251,000
  • Miscellaneous Projects – $100,000