St. Joseph Mercy Oakland chose Granger Construction to manage the remodeling of two
separate and consecutive pharmacy projects to meet new USP 800 requirements. The outpatient pharmacy project, located in the out-patient services building directly above the
outpatient surgery center, involved remodeling the existing Cancer Center waiting room and pharmacy to create a larger area for the pharmacy. The in-patient pharmacy project is located in the lower level of the main hospital. Both projects include clean/sterile rooms and improved ventilation to meet new codes. Granger also installed a new air handling unit in the existing penthouse to support both pharmacy renovation projects.

Key Features:

  • Wall Cladding – The team installed Altro Whiterock wall protection as a high performance, hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles. This product is a PVC rigid wall panel system that is becoming very popular amongst cleanrooms, pharmacies and operating rooms due to its durability and cleanability. At the time of project completion, only two contractors in Southeast Michigan had experience installing this innovative material.
  • Waiting and Reception Area – During the second phase of renovations at the MCI Pharmacy, the team installed custom mill work and architectural finishes while creating a new waiting and reception area.
  • HVAC System Upgrades – During these projects, the team installed a new air handling unit and exhaust system to serve the Main Pharmacy, lower level Pavilion and cleanrooms. They also added a new air handling unit strictly serving the cleanroom port of the MCI Pharmacy. This particular air handling unit relied on DX Cooling as the primary source of cooling the air and chilled water as a backup or secondary source for cooling the air. Because of this, the team also installed a new condensing unit, and just like the Main Pharmacy, this pharmacy also has a new dedicated exhaust system for the clean rooms.

Pontiac, Michigan

$5 million

Square Footage:

Construction Management

February 2019

January 2019

Harley Ellis Devereaux