Warren County partnered with Granger Construction to build a new, 119,000 square foot (SF) jail facility in Lebanon, Ohio.

Project Details

The new jail includes both detention housing for 320 male beds, 50 female beds, 98 swing beds plus an additional 26,000 SF Sheriff’s Office and support services. Completely new utility services and mechanical/electrical systems were required as well as a significant access drive relocation. Key services include booking, food service, visitation, property storage and main entrance areas. The structure and cells incorporate masonry and precast construction.

Granger developed early bid packaging to relocate construction access drives and procure long-lead detention frames, furniture embeds and accelerate the fabrication of the precast plank to expedite the masonry construction.

3D Camera Modeling VDC Case Study

Granger Construction’s investment in Virtual Design Technology enabled the Warren County Jail project team to use 3D camera modeling to improve the customer experience while enhancing security and attaining over $55,000 in savings. Click here to read more.

Lebanon, Ohio

$49 million


Construction Management At-Risk

August 2019

October 2021

Wachtel & McAnally Architects / Planner, Inc.