Granger Construction was honored to receive a 2019 OutSystems Low-Code Innovation Award for “Most Business Impact.”

OutSystems is an enterprise platform solution that allows organizations to link and build data channels through custom application development and syncing with current data systems.

Read the following Q&A interview with Granger Continuous Improvement Facilitator, Kate Capeneka, to learn how our teams are using this tool to build Lean communication and data collection solutions across jobsites and projects.

Q: Why did Granger start using OutSystems?
A: Granger constantly looks for opportunities to improve the way we do business, so we can continue our mission of improving the customer experience. Prior to OutSystems, many operational processes Granger implemented across jobsites and project teams involved paper forms. However, we realized this was not the most effective or Lean method for collecting and communicating this data.

Since we began using the platform in July 2018, OutSystems has allowed us to streamline our communication and data collection processes across projects. We are able to develop custom applications our teams can use in the field, and we are constantly able to adjust and improve these applications as our needs grow and develop.

Q: Who at Granger has helped with development and implementation?
A: Many Granger team members have been involved in championing, developing and improving our use of OutSystems.

Currently, Jared Slayton is our key OutSystems developer. I assist Jared by outlining developments and communicating with our users, including providing training and helping with troubleshooting, etc. There are many others who have helped the development process by coming to us with ideas and helping outline the features they’re looking for in an application.

We have had team members across the company assist us in testing beta applications, and our IT team continues to provide technical support. They not only supported us in rolling out a mobile application Granger team members can access via iPads in the field, they continue to assist with troubleshooting and pushing out new updates.

Q: How is Granger currently using OutSystems?
A: Our teams have developed a number of custom applications, primarily used by project teams in the field.

  1. Field Reports App: This exists as both a mobile and web application, which our superintendents and safety managers can use for daily reports and safety forms. Project managers and other team members can also download and view forms that were submitted via the mobile app. They can also view manpower totals for each project (by subcontractor and by month).
  2. Operations App: This is a web-based application used by project managers to submit their monthly Operations reports. It has an overall Operational Summary, showing different categories and how each project is performing in key areas.
  3. Warranty App: We use this web-based application to track locations and management of warranty items during post construction.
  4. PX Dashboard: This dashboard application allows Granger’s management team members to view data collected across multiple applications in a more concise snapshot, helping teams spot data trends.
  5. Project Initiation: This app took the place of our job number request form, allowing team members to request a job number by filling out the information online; a job number is then assigned and emails go out to all departments across the company to make sure they are aware of the project and have the information they need to proceed. Once a job number is assigned, the team has the option to complete their contract review in the app. The app also features a location where Operations can manage the status of a project (i.e. Pre-Construction, Construction Services, Construction, Post-Construction)
  6. Granger Performance App: This application allows us to manage customer satisfaction touchpoints throughout the life of a project (i.e. Benchmark Conversations, Net Promoter Score, etc.). Our teams can use this app to send a brief survey to Owners and Architects, helping us gauge how likely our partners are to recommend Granger for future service. This tool also lets us identify and track opportunity areas where we can improve our service and operations on future projects.
  7. The Hub: We developed the Hub as a portal for navigating to all Granger’s custom applications.

Q: What are Granger’s plans for the future?
A: OutSystems has truly changed the way Granger is able to manage data and communication across project, and we see many opportunities to continue using and developing this tool. Some goals we have for the future include a Pre-Pour Checklist to help our Construction Services teams improve concrete placement, a Time & Material Log, a Safety Management Tool, a Quantities Takeoff List, and various other operations reporting features for our Pre-Construction and Construction Services teams.

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