The construction industry has traditionally relied on anecdotal evidence to suggest how Lean project teams deliver better project outcomes.

During a recent presentation, however, Joan Piccariello, director of program development at the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), shared empirical evidence that highlighted several impressive statistics regarding Lean implementation. Projects with high Lean intensity, for instance, are three times more likely to complete ahead of schedule and twice as likely to complete under budget.

Piccariello shared findings from two separate LCI research efforts conducted by Dodge Data and Analytics and the University of Minnesota at the 2017 summer conference of the Michigan Association of Physical Plant Administrators (MiAPPA) in Big Rapids, Mich.

“We benchmarked 162 projects and inquired about 27 management methods,” Piccariello said. “And the research demonstrates statistically significant correlations between high Lean intensity and project success.”

What this empirical research does, according to Piccariello, is disprove some common myths about Lean project work and demonstrate how Lean makes a positive difference in project performance.

Tim VanAntwerp, vice president, Granger Construction and chair of the Michigan Lean Community of Practice

“The more the industry embraces Lean construction practices and techniques, the more satisfied owners are,” said Tim VanAntwerp, vice president at Granger Construction and chair of the Michigan Lean Community of Practice.

The mission of Michigan’s Lean Community of Practice is to encourage Michigan’s design and construction industries to optimize performance by applying Lean thinking and methods.

“By helping leaders in our industry apply Lean philosophies on their projects, we advance the art of the industry as a whole,” said VanAntwerp. “The research clearly shows that Lean work maximizes efficiency and ultimately increases satisfaction for everyone involved.”

For more information on Michigan’s Lean Community of Practice, contact Tim VanAntwerp.

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