ProMedica concrete job is Granger’s third-largest ever

Ask any contractor and they’ll tell you: quality concrete work is critical to the success of nearly every construction project.

“The critical milestones of any project often revolve around the concrete work,” said Dave McAlvey, director of Granger Construction’s General Contracting Division.

Granger Construction’s reputation as concrete experts will again be instrumental to a project’s success following its selection as the concrete subcontractor for ProMedica Toledo Hospital’s new Generations Tower in Toledo, Ohio. The concrete work on this project represents the third-largest concrete job in the company’s history and will involve foundations, slab on grade, slab on metal deck and eight cores for elevator and stairway shafts for a 13-story patient tower.

“Our concrete teams, whether serving as a subcontractor or in a self-perform role, have a track record of success,” said McAlvey. “They are well-known throughout the industry for ensuring quality, cost and schedule.”

Crews will begin pouring concrete at the ProMedica facility in January, with completion slated for November 2017.

View a video of the Promedica Toledo Hospital rendering.

Concrete experience

Granger’s largest concrete project to-date involved a 24-story, 374,000 square-foot structural concrete frame for the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, along with the accompanying 10-level, 753-car parking structure located adjacent to the hotel. Other significant concrete projects in the company’s history include:

One of the most challenging concrete jobs Granger completed was the architectural concrete package for Michigan State University’s award-winning Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. This project required constructing custom forms for the unique slanted walls as well as the development of a unique concrete formula in order to meet the stringent design specifications.

In three months, Granger created 70 different test panels from 24 different mixes before arriving at the correct formula. This complex process produced some of the most advanced self-consolidating concrete walls in the United States.

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in East Lansing, Michigan
JW Marriott in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Consumers Energy building in Jackson, Michigan

5 thoughts on “When Concrete Becomes Artwork”

  1. It would be amazing to be able to see the MSU’s Broad Art Museum to see the angled concrete walls. The building looks so modern. I think it’s cool how much can be done with concrete these days.

  2. This is a museum that I would love to see in person. The angled walls in the picture make me think that it shouldn’t be possible. It makes me happy that concrete is such a sturdy material.

  3. I didn’t know people could make concrete look so cool! This really opened my eyes to the potential of concrete and all the possibilities with it. You could make a whole commercial building just out of concrete if you wanted to!

  4. Wow, this building looks absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine how long it took for their company to build it. It’s always interesting to see what type of things people are able to build. I’ll have to see if dad ever did this type of work when he was in construction.

  5. I would agree that most any important construction project begins with the quality concrete work. This is often used in the foundation of the building and all structurally important pieces after that. You wan to be sure and work with the best you can get.

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