Project Engineer Brian Ziemba - HeadshotApril 1, 2024 | Project Engineer Brian Ziemba began his career in the construction industry with Granger Construction after earning his Masters in Construction Management from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) in 2019. Brian’s interest in construction started at Huron High School in Ann Arbor where he participated in the Building Trades Program his junior and senior year. He credits his instructor, John Birko, for instilling a love for the work and challenging him to become a better leader by making him a foreman within the program.

“At the time, it was tough, but looking back I now see what an impact that had on me,” said Brian. “It forced me to grow my critical thinking and problem-solving skills which has helped in both my career and life in general.”

During his final semester at EMU, Brian interned with Granger at the Dexter Community Schools 2017 bond program—a $52 million project involving construction of a new elementary school and district-wide additions and renovations, and at the $78 million University of Michigan-Dearborn Engineering Lab Building Replacement project. His dedication and performance led to a full-time position as a project engineer assigned to the $123 million U-M Dental School Expansion, one of Granger’s most complex endeavors in its 65-year history.

Brian’s ability to navigate diverse challenges sets him apart. He appreciates the unique nature of each project, and the challenges that each stage of a project brings. He says there’s always new issues and challenges to overcome, and that’s exactly what he loves about his job – it forces you to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions.

His experience at the award-winning U-M Dental School Expansion showcases his adaptability and proficiency in handling complex tasks. Granger had significant staff turnover on that project, and the lead superintendent retired. This resulted in Brian essentially taking on the superintendent role for several months in addition to his PE role. While difficult, it was a great opportunity to showcase his strengths and build his confidence.

“It gave me a greater understanding of how to coordinate work in the field,” he said, “and my knowledge of MEP and other specialty systems increased dramatically.”

Brian emphasizes the significance of asking questions and having a curious mindset. You have to be willing to learn from those around you and use them as a resource, especially when you’re asked a question that you may not know the answer to. His mantra is to never compromise integrity by pretending to know the answer because it can get you, and the project, in trouble.

Currently, Brian is serving as a project engineer at the Parnall Correctional Facility Heavy Diesel Program project in Jackson, where he continues to build his skills and expertise and contribute to challenging projects.

Brian Ziemba’s journey from intern to experienced professional reflects his passion, resilience and dedication to his coworkers, clients and the construction industry. His story is one of growth and the pursuit of excellence, making him an invaluable asset to the Granger team.

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