In May of 2024, Site Manager Marc Arthur celebrated his 40-year anniversary with Granger Construction.

Marc is the longest tenured employee with the company next to Chairman and Co-Founder Alton Granger. Marc began his career in the construction industry and with Granger on May 5, 1984, and has served in a variety of roles including laborer, labor foreman, carpenter and carpenter foreman before moving into the superintendent and site manager roles.

“It’s no secret in this industry, if you’re going to win big work you have to do big work and do it well; Marc thrives on that,” notes Granger President Dennis Carignan. “In our company history, Marc has been a part of our biggest and our most complicated projects – all the while providing mentorship and training, not only to the next generation, but the generation after that.”

Some of Marc’s early projects included the W.K. Kellog Foundation Headquarters, Cooley Law School Renovation, Comprehensive Logistics, Great Lakes Bancorp Headquarters, Pine River Correctional Facility and Michigan State University’s Animal Health and Diagnostic Lab. Marc’s extraordinary work ethic and ability to solve complex project challenges landed him on several high-profile projects from 2000-2015, including the Sparrow West Wing Tower, the Detroit Arsenal Administration Building and Parking Structure, St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s South Pavilion Addition and the Magna DexSys Manufacturing Facility.

Profile - Site Manager Marc Arthur

Marc has become one of Granger’s most sought-after site managers based on his ability to deliver exceptional results. He has been a permanent fixture on Michigan State University’s campus over the last 5+ years, serving one of our longest and most valued clients. He led the Spartan Stadium South End Zone Addition that was recognized as one of AGC of America’s top 5 Innovative Projects in 2017, followed by the MSU Healthy Campus renovation projects and the MSU STEM project that currently reigns as Granger’s top award-winning project with 12 awards and counting. This included the esteemed 2022 AGC of America’s Build America Award as well as their most prestigious Grand Award, honoring the nation’s most impressive construction project completed in 2021. Marc was also instrumental in delivering the Tom Izzo Football Building and is now leading the new Student Recreation and Wellness Center project.

Marc sets the bar high for himself and holds everyone else on the job accountable to those same standards. He has learned from some of Granger’s best and brightest over the years and he, in turn, has mentored several of our long-time superintendents while continuing to influence our newest generation of project managers and engineers who cross his path. His vigilant approach to coordination, communication and problem solving has been instrumental in successfully delivering projects on time, within budget and with the highest level of quality. Congratulations and thanks to Marc for his tremendous career contributions!

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