January 4, 2024 | As a proud member of AGC Michigan, Granger Construction is excited to congratulate the MIOSHA Michigan Alliance Program on celebrating its 20th anniversary this year!

Benefits of MIOSHA Alliance

“The alliances/partnerships with MIOSHA and the AGC are of tremendous value to contractors and our partners (subcontractors),” notes Granger Corporate Safety Director Brian Goodman. “These alliances allow us to utilize MIOSHA as a resource for questions, safety audits and training.”

Granger encourages project teams to take advantage of the training MIOSHA and AGC provide and has had many team members participate in Confined Space Awareness training, Lead and Asbestos Awareness training and Electrical Safety and Excavation Safety training, just to name a few.

  • This programming helps foster a well-educated and safety-conscious workforce by assisting construction firms in educating employees who may be newer to the trades and provides refresher training for more tenured individuals.
  • MIOSHA Alliance inspectors can conduct site audits that mirror enforcement inspector audits, but which are conducted as training opportunities, without issuance of any citations.
  • Contractors who participate in these alliances/partnerships have access to assistance with written safety programs from MIOSHA personnel and safety program reviews.
  • MIOSHA has provided numerical data in the past that shows projects that participate in alliances/partnerships have fewer injuries and incidents. This is likely due largely to the added safety awareness on site and training that all workers are provided through these programs.

Goodman adds that “These alliances/partnerships also help build a good working relationship with MIOSHA. Participation helps reinforce that Granger values the health and safety of our employees and our subcontractors’ employees and seeing the MIOSHA Michigan Alliance sign as you pull onto a Granger jobsite helps remind everyone that safety is our top priority every day.”

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