As Granger Construction continues growing, so does our Summer Internship Program! In 2020, we are excited to welcome 10 of our 20 interns as returning students. In the following interview, Marketing Intern Alaina Schrauben interviews Project Engineer Intern Joe Weller on his experience with Granger so far.

  • Name: Joe WellerEngineer Intern Joe Weller
  • School: Western Michigan University
  • Major: Civil Engineering
  • Internship Assignment: Central Michigan Chippewa Champions Center
  • Number of Summers with Granger: 2

Q: What is something you learned last year that better prepared you for this year?
A: Last year I learned to ask any questions, even if I think they aren’t the best. I ask rather than assume and risk doing something wrong. Gaining this mindset allowed me to learn so much more as I began my internship. Now, I have a lot fewer questions and can confidently manage tasks like reading drawings and going through PlanGrid without having  any trouble.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being on site?
I am coming from a civil engineering program, not construction management, so there is much for me to learn beyond what I have been taught in my classes. I have been able to apply my jobsite experience and knowledge back to my coursework. For example, learning more about construction processes on site has been super helpful in teaching me to understand speculations and drawings at school. Watching the actual construction process happen in front of me gives a different perspective than had I never been on site.

Q: How has your internship experience with Granger helped with your school studies?
Working at Granger has taught me so much and enhanced my understanding of construction. For example, it is one thing to learn about HVAC systems; it’s another to see an air handler lifted  through a roof hatch at Sparrow Hospital (my job last summer), then get reassembled inside. Watching things like this, and actually getting hands-on experience, is much different than just learning in a classroom.

Q: What motivated you to continue interning with Granger?
A: I appreciate how everyone at Granger is willing to help me learn. Last year, I was lucky enough to have two Project Engineers, Jordan Krausz and Cory Muzzy, who always answered my questions and were very helpful throughout my entire internship. My whole project team wanted me to succeed.

Q: What piece of advice would you give new interns?
A: The two biggest pieces of advice I have are to ask questions and take notes. Without these, you will not get as much out of your time here as you would like. Strive to get out of your comfort zone when asking questions and don’t be afraid to do so.

Q: If you could take a dream vacation this summer, where would you go?
I would like to visit the southwest United States. I have been on a couple camping trips out there, and it would be fun to visit some national parks again.

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