Receiving a promotion or expanding the responsibilities in your current role doesn’t happen by accident for most people. Those that get to the next level usually exhibit some key behaviors that help them along the way. Here are a few things you should consider to help you achieve your career goals:

Matt Bozung, Human Resources Director, Granger Construction

Understand the Expectations

To perform our jobs well, we must understand what is expected of us. That also holds true when seeking a promotion. If you feel you are nearly ready for your next position, seek to understand the expectations of the role first. Talk to your supervisor, other leaders in your company, and people in that next role to understand the responsibilities and gauge whether you are ready to take the step.

Ask for Feedback

We all require feedback to help us improve. Feedback comes in many forms to us every day – from a simple “thank you” to the tangible outcome of a work-related project. We should seek to take in that feedback, learn from it, and adjust our actions and behaviors accordingly for the next time. If you are not receiving regular feedback at work, you should start asking for it. It is the best way to know if you are meeting basic expectations and what needs to be done differently to improve. And improvement in your current role helps to prepare you for your next position. Do not just ask for feedback from supervisors, ask your peers and subordinates as well.

Have a Plan

Research has documented the power of goal setting and having a growth mindset. Using these tools and frames of reference to help you advance your career is important. If you are serious about advancing, you should develop a career plan with targeted milestones. Include specific professional development and learning opportunities, as well as opportunities for stretch assignments at work. Share your plan with others, including your supervisor, so they can help support and encourage you to stick with it.

Be a Good Employee

Managers generally like to reward employees that are engaged in helping the company to move forward. This does not only mean making the company more profitable. It also includes living the company’s values, having a positive attitude, volunteering to support company events, and other similar items. These are generally basic attributes of emerging leaders in any organization and ensuring you are in alignment will help support your ambitions.


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